You can enjoy various ways to wear BONPEI, by adjusting the shape of the crown and brim.
You can also alternate with the double-sided pattern, as the design is reversible.
BONPEI is easy to fold and carry, and always maintains it’s distinctive shape.

How to Wear Bonpei

1. そのままのせて
Place BONPEI on your head
2. 上をつぶす
Push into the crown
3. 頭の形に沿わせて
Form to the shape of your head
4. 帽子の形を整える
Fix the desired shape
5. アレンジを楽しんで
Arrange as you like
6. 出来上がり!

How to Care

  1. 被った後はパッケージ筒にかぶせて、風通してください。
  2. 汗をたくさんかいた日は水を霧吹きしてから1.をします。
  3. クリーニングは“水洗い”を指定ください。
  1. After wearing, place BONPEI on the package and let it air.
  2. If heavy perspiration, spray with water before step 1.
  3. Machine wash with cold water